Samoan Archaeology 2006pdf_icon-60

David J. Addison & Tautala S. Asaua 

A View from the West: Samoa in the Culturepdf_icon-60

Christophe Sand

A GIS Based Model for the Prediction of Archaeological Sites: Manu’a Islands, American Samoapdf_icon-60

Alex Morrison

Archaeological Excavations at the Si’utu Midden Site, Savai’i Islandpdf_icon-60

Tomo Ishimura & Tomohiro Inoue 

Monuments and People: A Report of the State of the Pulemelei Site, Savai’i, Samoapdf_icon-60

Helene Martinsson-Wallin, Geoffrey Clark, & Paul Wallin

Ancestral Polynesian Plain Ware Production and Technological Style: A View from Aganoa, Tutuila Island, American Samoapdf_icon-60

Suzanne Eckert 

Report on Analysis of Polynesian Plain Ware from the Ulu Tree Site, Tutuila, American Samoapdf_icon-60

Suzanne Eckert & Frederic Pearl

A Tale of Two Quarries: Investigating Prehistoric Basalt Adze Production on Tutuila Island, American Samoapdf_icon-60

Quent Winterhoff & David Rigtrup

One Hundred New Dates from Tutuila and Manu’a: Additional Data Addressing Chronological Issues in Samoan Prehistorypdf_icon-60

David J. Addison & Tautala S. Asaua


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