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Wind renewable energy potential in Samoa


Fa’afetai Kolose


Renewable energy is a critical component of Samoa’s strategy for economic growth and social development. The demand for energy in Samoa has risen exponentially making Samoa rely on fossil fuel such as petroleum. It is predicted such non renewable energy sources will not last for another 100 years. Today, more developed countries are tapping into renewable energy sources to drive some of its electrical energy demand and Samoa is following this trend to obtain its electrical energy from renewable energy sources (Samoa Ministry of Finance 2007). This paper presents data from an initial two-year study conducted to assess the feasibility of wind as a renewable energy source to generate electricity in Samoa. Two sites namely, Satitoa and Afulilo were selected due to their location and exposure to south easterly trade winds. Wind data such as mast heights and wind speeds were collected from wind masts located at the two sites daily, at 10 minute interval for almost two years. Findings show the potential of wind energy to drive electricity demand in the country from the two sites are not feasible. Discussions of the latter are presented in the paper including recommendations for consideration by the national authorities.

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