The Journal of Sāmoan Studies (JSS) is a multidisciplinary publication devoted to the study of Sāmoa. The Centre for Sāmoan Studies gratefully acknowledges the reviewers who contributed to the blind review process for this volume.



Issues in the Management of Archaeological Heritage in Samoapdf_icon-60

Lorena Sciusco and Helene Martinsson-Wallin

Land, Custom and History in Samoapdf_icon-60

Malama Meleisea and Penelope Schoeffel

The Impact of Rural Access Roads in Samoa: the Case of Vaitele Street (Lalovaea-Lepea) and Other Selected Roadspdf_icon-60

Susana Tauaa

The Role of Institutions in Place-making and Securing Livelihoods for Urban
Residents in Samoa: Exploring Resettlement Programmes at Sogi and Taufusi

Anita Latai-Niusulu

Food and Textiles Technology in Sāmoan Schools: Development or Retrenchment?pdf_icon-60

Faamoemoe Hakai Soti and Lex McDonald

Pastors’ Daughters: Boundary Ambiguity or the Fishbowl Effect?pdf_icon-60

Bernadette Samau and Penelope Schoeffel

Measuring Gender-based Violence: Towards Improved Services for Victims in Sāmoapdf_icon-60

Ramona Boodoosingh