The Journal of Sāmoan Studies (JSS) is a multidisciplinary publication devoted to the study of Sāmoa. The Centre for Sāmoan Studies gratefully acknowledges the reviewers who contributed to the blind review process for this volume.



Infant Feeding in Sāmoa: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practicespdf_icon-60

Madda H. Magbity, Seiuli Vaifou Temese, Alovale Sa’u, Safua Akeli, Penelope Schoeffel and Mohammed Sahib, Centre for Sāmoan Studies, National University of Sāmoa

Expressive Arts as a Therapeutic Intervention: A Sāmoan Case Studypdf_icon-60

Leua Latai, National University of Sāmoa, and Lex McDonald, Victoria University of Wellington

Education and Culture in Post-colonial Sāmoapdf_icon-60

Tagataese Tupu Tuia and Penelope Schoeffel, National University of Sāmoa

A Review of the Social Protection Programmes in Sāmoa since 2009pdf_icon-60

Sasa’e Fualautoalasi Walter, National University of Sāmoa

Book Reviewpdf_icon-60