The Journal of Sāmoan Studies (JSS) is a multidisciplinary publication devoted to the study of Sāmoa. The Centre for Sāmoan Studies gratefully acknowledges the reviewers who contributed to the blind review process for this volume.



O le Fale o le Fe’epdf_icon-60

Monalisa Saveaalii Malietoa, Iunivesite Aoao o Sāmoa

Potential for Community Managed Sustainable Tourism Development on Apolima Islandpdf_icon-60

Lenara Lana Tuipoloa‐Utuva, National University of Sāmoa and Brent Lovelock, University Of Otago.

Transnational Sāmoan Chiefs: Views of the Fa’amatai (Chiefly System)pdf_icon-60

Melani Anae, Falaniko Tominiko, Vavao Fetui and Ieti Lima, Pacific Studies, University of Auckland

Is There a Link?: The Effect of Attitude toward Television Advertisement, Brand and Purchase Intention.pdf_icon-60

Bernadette Samau, Tapu Iemaima Gabriel and Hobart Sasa, National University of Sāmoa

From Sāmoa with Love? Sāmoan Travellers in Germany, 1895-1911: Retracing the Footsteps, by Safua Akeli.pdf_icon-60

Reviewed by Dr Penelope Schoeffel, Centre for Sāmoan Studies, National University of Sāmoa

Mothers’ Darlings of the South Pacific: The Children of Indigenous Women and US Servicemen, World War II. Edited by Judith A. Bennett and Angela Wanhallapdf_icon-60

Reviewed by Safua Akeli, Centre For Sāmoan Studies, National University of Sāmoa