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Tui’umi: The Assasin


Aleni Sofara, National University of Sāmoa.


The paper discusses the assassination of Tamafaigā of Manono from the point of view of his family and descendants, the Aiono Faapologaina family of Matavai, Fasitoo‐uta. The research approach is qualitative using family oral traditions and written information. This is supplemented by written submissions and subsequent court rulings in family court cases held at the Land and Titles court. The paper makes an important contribution to the discussion on leadership succession in Sāmoa’s history prior to the arrival of the Wesleyan and London Missionary Societies in 1828 and 1830 respectively, forerunners of the lotu Toga – the Methodist Church of Sāmoa—and lotu Ta’iti—the Congregational Christian Church of Sāmoa.

Keywords: assassin, orchestrated, assassination, Tamafaigā

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