The Journal of Sāmoan Studies (JSS) is a multidisciplinary publication devoted to the study of Sāmoa. The Centre for Sāmoan Studies gratefully acknowledges the reviewers who contributed to the blind review process for this volume.



Women, Culture and Political Participation in Sāmoa

Penelope Schoeffel, Measina Meredith and Ruta Fiti‐Sinclair, Centre for Sāmoan Studies, National University of Sāmoa.

Contemporary Challenges to Students’ Achievement in English in the Foundation Programme at the National University of Sāmoa.pdf_icon-60

Sina Vaai and Vernetta Heem, National University of Sāmoa.

Facilitating Transfer of Training for Sāmoan Student Teachers: An Exploratory Investigation

Rasela Tufue‐Dolgoy, National University of Sāmoa and Lex McDonald, Victoria University of Wellington.

Fa’asāmoa Bioethics and Healthcare decision‐making in New Zealandpdf_icon-60

Bridget Crichton, National University of Sāmoa.

Evaluation of an Expressive Art as Therapy Program Undertaken in Sāmoapdf_icon-60

Leua Latai, National University of Sāmoa, and Lex McDonald, Victoria University of Wellington.

The Meaning and Value of Favourite Possessions in Environmental Transitions: A case of regional and international students studying in Sāmoa.pdf_icon-60

Bernadette Samau and Iemaima Gabriel, National University of Sāmoa.

Tui’umi: The Assassinpdf_icon-60

Aleni Sofara, National University of Sāmoa.

Tautai: Sāmoa, World History, and the Life of Ta’isi O. F. Nelson
Patricia O’Brien. Wellington, Huia Publishers and University of Hawai’i Press, 2017. 399 pp., maps, illus., notes, bibliog.pdf_icon-60

Safua Akeli Amaama, Centre for Sāmoan Studies. National University of Sāmoa.


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